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Who we are?

We have three programmers. Hynek cares about Web Fabric club in Ostrava since 2006. In 2014 created a system of advance ticket sales. After changing the production management team he talked with Jirka and Jarda to override the system so that it can be offered as a service. The system has been in test mode first deployed to psytrance festival UFO BUFO in 2014. Fabric remains a premium client service continues.

What do you pay a fee for?

Presale system involves a lot of programming. Hynek addresses the applicability and user of the system, under the auspices of customer support. Jirka is immersed deeper into the internal processes of the system and ensures the operation and configuration of the server. Jonathan is the author of a mobile application for ticket check.

The fee is our payment for the hours spent programming and improving the system for servers and for the time spent communicating with customers. Promoter does not pay any additional fees (only for optional matters - lending facilities, etc.).

Our whole life is the field of alternative culture, there are no "mainstream" service, we hope that you will appreciate our personal service and the fee will not be so painful. ;)